Xperia 10Plus (I3223) USA: Calls not working

Hi All,

new user here and loving the OS, however, i am running to some issue with ATT in that i am not able to send calls. I checked the ATT list of approved devices and it has an asterik saying specific software needed to run calls etc. Does anyone know how to get this enabled? Is it some setting i need to tinker with?

The asterisk saying that specific software is needed to run the advanced features. Is it possible to enable in sailfishos?

No, Sailfish OS does not have the feature in question, VoLTE, on that phone.
It is made very clear in the Jolla shop, but it is also understandable that you didn’t catch that since AT&T seems to be doing their best to not actually inform the customer about why.

The US is not a supported market, and so far it is basically only there that this is an issue.
(Presumably that is why it is not in big red letters…)

To make calls with the xa2 plus you need 2g or 3g network coverage. In the US you very likely have none of both, so no chance.

thanks for the fast reply! That is such a bummer. Are there any carriers that work with the 2G or 3G?
I saw in some other threads that MINT mobile possibly might work?

Not really. If it isn’t all technically gone, it will be soon.
Mint is a MVNO right? That means they don’t own the network and fall under the planning of whoever they rent from aka resell for.

Got it. looks like i will need to get the Xperia 10 iii to even try getting something working in the US.

X10 ii also has volte support

T-Mobile and its resellers still have 2G in operation in the US. Don’t know for how long, but they’ve postponed the shutdown several times now. I believe they have bunch of business customers with legacy devices they support: burglar alarms, smart scales, lo-jack, etc. But, when my Xperia 10 II falls back to 2G, the call quality in my neck of the woods is fairly poor.