Xperia 10 Not Detecting Sailfish X License

Apologies everyone, I am sure that I have read an answer to this issue previously, but I’m not sure what to search for to find it.

I’ve purchased an Xperia 10 with Sailfish already installed. However, when I sign into my Jolla account it doesn’t seem to recongise that I have a license for Sailfish X on Xperia 10. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or if anyone knows where the answer was posted previously, please link me to it.

Thanks guys!

this question explains the process. Could it be that the imei is tied to the license of the previous user? Best to contact jolla customer support with your question…

Had the same problem with an SFOS phone Xperia 10, that I have bought as used a few weeks ago. Entering my existing username and password from my old phone into the Jolla account field of the new phone did not work.
So I created a new Jolla account on the Jolla homepage and enterd this access data into the Jolla account field of the “new” (used) phone and this worked. I can now download SF apps from the Jolla Store.

Okay good plan, will send them a message

Could be an issue, although I can get onto the Jolla store, but its the MS Exchange and Android App support which isn’t working

Take a look here:


If you have an unused (new) licence and a matching phone that has no licence activated in it, then signing in from this phone to your Jolla account activates the licence and couples it with the IMEI code of the phone. If you had signed in to the Jolla account already, then restarting the phone is needed to activate the licence