Xperia 10 II vs gs290 or volla

as there are now discussion about devices, here my experience with those 2:
xperia feels like a small device even though
they are nearly same size, with volla beeing 1 cm wider.
it must be the weight, volla is heavier due to bigger battery.

the black frame is much more visible on xperia and the fonts e.g. in browser are smaller

                           xperia 10 II                         g290 or volla phone 
battery life                  1day                                     2-3  days
speed                       more fluent
browser                   feels faster
app crashes               frequent (orm)                                  never
network issues                yup                                          yup
finger print               works mostly                                   always
android                       yup                                        waydroid ?

my personal summery:
android wise i do only need deezer and navigation, so if waydroid would not have stopped working for me, i would have sticked with volla due to bigger fonts and the great battery life

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