Xperia 10 II performance issues?

I recently installed 4.1.24 on my phone, and I’m not sure if it might be that I haven’t configured it properly or that my phone is broken, but its performance isn’t great. For example, if I’m typing an email or browsing the web, the keyboard might start lagging or capitalising several words at the beginning of a word, the screen might start flickering in Aptoide and I’ve got to restart the entire phone, the small phone speaker at the top will just not work, or the entire UI might just lag every now and then. These don’t happen all the time, but it’s frequent, especially when changing or opening apps. Is there something I haven’t configured properly? This didn’t use to happen with Android, but maybe my phone’s hardware might be slightly damaged? Not sure

Thanks for the help!

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Can’t say that I recognise any of these issues fortunately, does fault with speaker show up in “csd” utility?

I do not have these issues on my Xperia 10 II.

I might try reflashing then, just in case!

Yep I’m seeing this with a certain number of apps open, or maybe it’s some specific app. Haven’t been able to idebtify yet. Close all apps has been able to resurrect phone thus far.

I experienced such problems with android apps, but never with native ones. Thus perhaps the Android emulation layer has something to do in this strange behaviour, as if the CPUs were overloaded.

Yep, same. Mainly happens with Android apps, but also with native apps if I’ve got WhatsApp open. The top speaker thing just happens randomly every now and then. I’ll try refreshing later to see if it fixes it

I also have Whatsapp open, but it doesn’t cause anything obvious alone.

It might be something with having YT open in natibve browser, which creates a live app switcher catd and/or location apps.