XA2 touchscreen (responsiveness and gestures)


Does anybody experience problems with the XA2 (H3113 on and touchscreen?

  1. when the device is under heavy load, the responsiveness to touch events becomes very slow and insensitiv. I have to push very hard to trigger an event.

  2. out of screen gestures aren’t recognized, if the device is not in the other hand (e.g. lying on the table).

I just switched from Xperia X and its touchscreen was much better.

No problems here. Reflash?

I’m afraid I have to try.

It’s already running a reflash. First time I flashed it, I couldn’t get aliendalvik running (but I think the touchscreen worked better). How are things like these possible?

Don’t know but it will help others if you say whether you’re installing from Windows or Linux or what?

I flashed from Linux.

Reflashed it with SFOS 4.0 now. Still the same.

It was the glas protector, which prevented the gestures. I bought the XA2 second hand and the protector was already attached.

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