XA2 Plus: Can't update to 3.4.0

Maybe that’s just my bad karma, but last N updates didn’t go smoothly for me… What I see this time is the following:

1.) ‘Check update’ functionality in settings seems to be broken - it shows no new update, moreover it says last update check happened 3 month ago. Attempt to force check result nothing.

2.) Update via cli (ssu release 3.4.0) fails too: it says ‘Error: this request will break your system’

3.) Update via ‘sfos-upgrade 3.4.0’ also doesn’t work - says incorrect version was specified.

Any hints?

Are you signed up to Early Access releases of SFOS?, if not, you won’t receive the notification.

Yes, I’m. At least my profile still shows I’m signed for EA.

I am having a similar issue.
My device has been so far updated via ssu and it’s at right now.

I haven’t been getting updates via the UI for a while now, but that’d be fine if ssu worked.

Switching to ssu release doesn’t work today.
I get a no distribution upgrade error of sort…

Btw I’m in EA too

Update: I managed to update (after re-creating Jolla account got update notification) and… phone is dead - infinite spinner after typing security code.

I don’t know why I’m still surprised, (after the exact same experience every time on 2 different phones over 5 or 6 updates), but it’s always so baffling … Attempting to update through settings just hangs forever before crashing with some error message , and manual update starts downloading files and gets anywhere from 5 to 75 percent before freezing or crashing with some error message. If you keep trying over and over again, eventually after about 2 cumulative hours and a few gigs of wasted data, (yes it happens on WiFi too - I actually have better success on mobile data), it will just work all of a sudden, (or you can download the flash files and do it with the computer). I would think this would be high on the priority list if you’re hoping to keep this thing alive. It shouldn’t be such a nightmare to update.

(sorry - I know that is all a bit exaggerated … I’m just making a point . I guess I just have a fantasy about simply receiving a notification , tapping on download , watching some smooth and steady progress counter go from zero to a hundred , and tapping install. I’ve never had such an experience with SF. Anyway , I still like it better than anything else out there , so I’ll do it again next time… Thanks for the upkeep)