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Hello all. When trying to copy file to Phone it gives error 3 code permission denied Any ideias? Thanks

You should be a bit more detailed.
E.g. when does it give that error?
Are you sure about the error code as,

#define ESRCH 3 /* No such process */
says differently. Not a file operation, or?

Obviius things:

  • Shut down alienDalvik?
  • Got root (via devel-su)?

How do you copy over?
And we could continue…

write down what you did, compare to the guide and you may suddenly see!

AlienDalvik Off

Copy directly to folder trough Mobaxterm and also with Winscp
Error 3 permission denied always showing

What about copying to device /home/nemo and only then move to /opt/alien/?

Have thought about that and will try later. Thanks