XA2 bricked after Update to Koli


I just updated to Koli and apprently bricked my XA2.

Is there any possibility to reflash Sailfish OS? Would I need a new license or does Jolla in such cases provide an .img for reflashing?

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in Advance

Whilst is early access you can still download earlier version via your Jolla account as you did for first install and as license tied to IMEI of device there won’t be an issue. Whilst “downgrading” Sailfish OS is not recommended, you would effectively be setting up from new if returned to Android.

Perhaps you are looking for recovery.
I once had an issue when upgrading and described the solution here

Yes, you can reflash Sailfish OS to your XA2 again. No new licence is required. Please sign in to https://shop.jolla.com/downloads/ with your Jolla credentials – the same that you used to purchase the licence. Download the OS image file matching your XA2 model.

As of today, we have the images for there. If you wait few more days, the images of 4.0.1 will appear, replacing 3.4.0. So, if you want to keep the image of 3.4.0 for some reason, download it and save it now.