WLAN Troubles on XA2 - Sailfish X (

Hi Guys.

I just bought a Xperia XA2 and a Sailfish X licence.

I have some troubles with WLAN, 80% of time, if i’m at more than 3 meter of my livebox,
Surfing is very slow, or doesn’t work at all. WLAN is connecter, signal seems good according to icon,
but very slow, or like disconnected.

Using the v16 vendor image like suggested in flashing instructions for 5ghz.
I tested the device on android, and it was working well, like all my other devices.

Have someone this trouble ? Or idea to investigate/ fix that ?

Do you have mobile data activated? And this one is not good at your home?
If yes, there is a bug present in SFOS, please disable mobile data and try again.

Else I do not know about bad WLAN.

Sounds weird. Is there anything unusual about your setup, like multiple APs with the same SSID in the range or whatever? Are there similar problems with other networks or is it just this particular one?

Thanks for the answer.
I always put mobile data off when using WLAN, and this one isn’t very good at my home,
it depend on places, moving etc …

Thanks for the answer.
On my livebox 4 i got the same SSID for 2.4 & 5ghz, and i checked, the XA2 always goes to 5ghz.
Should i try to split it ? One for 2.4 & one for 5ghz ?
Unfortunately, i didn’t have the possibility yet to test it with another network, can a android hotspot test be relevant ?