Wireless troubleshooting - how?

I have one wireless network that I have been having issue connecting to.

I’m trying to troubleshoot but journalctl has absolutely no useful output.

Though I know connman is involved somehow the archlinux documentation on connman does not seem to match the setup on SFOS.

  1. Where is the actual config of wireless neworks stored?
  2. Where is logging of attempted connections routed?

SFOS on a F5122 (Xperia X dual sim)

OK - journalctl was apparently stuck thus no new messages were being appended.

From lsof I learnt connman stores working setups in:

It seems that pending configs may be stored in a tmpfs of some type /net however this folder/filesystem is not accessible from devel-su, it could also be that this is a DBUS path…

I captured wireless traffic with wireshark and am still baffled -
What I see is probe request and probe responses but it never moves beyond that.