Will voLTE need new hardware

I learned with time that i often need to upgrade hardware for new functions and this week i can get a good deal Xperia 10 III but i am very pleased with the XA2 plus that i currently use.
Should i buy a Xperia 10 III for about €294 to future proof?
I heard Xperia 10 III will be supported in the video from Jolla 10 years celebration.


It’s a heck of a question I want to hear an answer to too.
Xperia 10III is neat but, i’d rather stick to something more in size of Xperia Compact models. Unfortunately noone makes phones like that these days.
So I’m hoping later in 2022 VoLTE in SailfishOS will come to older phones too.


It seems that voLTE will be supported from Xperia 10 II so i will buy an Xperia 10 III.
I will upgrade my hardware as usual for new functionalities since i can’t expect Jolla to be able to add support for older devices.

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My experience is, if money matters, don’t buy anything up front, it’s at best a 50/50 gamble.

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I bought an Xperia 10 III @26:46 in the clip posted above they say that device will be supported in 2022.

Isn’t it so, that every VoLTE capable phone (under Android) is also VoLTE capable under SFOS, as soon as SFOS supports this? If a phone is VoLTE capable under Android, it must have the required hardware ‘onboard’, so the old Sony’s (XA2, Xperia…) should also be supported, or not?

I think it requires hardware level integration and only Xperia 10 II (64-bit) and later will get voLTE support.
It’s not all about what the device support i think it’s also about resources.

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Some other notes. VoLTE enabled phones must implement the codecs (mainly “HD Voice” which I think is AMR-WB, but don’t quote me) used and be certified by carriers in the USA. For example, the 10 ii does support VoLTE despite ATT, TMobile, Mint and others claiming it does not. This is because it likely was never certified for VoLTE in the USA and therefore is not on any of the lists as eligible to register to IMS. They can be forced, but I’m not going to talk about that here. One other thing to note is the 10 ii has very good band compatibility with US carriers (not perfect, but more than good enough) while the 10 iii does not (exceptionally poor, might not even cover the critical bands for some carriers). I wouldn’t expect a 10 iii to work well here at all.

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