What you can do with NFC in SFOS at this moment?

A clear question. Support is “there” -meaning you can turn it or or off- but there aren’t any apps for reading writing tags etc. Is it something missing or lack of interest by the devs?


This is a pretty cool use case:


Note that support for peer-to-peer (known as NFC-DEP in the NFC world) was recently added. It allows two phones to talk to each other when they get within the NFC range (which practically means a touch). Which will (hopefully, eventually, most likely) be used for implementing N9-style one-touch sharing, but who knows what else it can be used for.

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At the moment though the phone doesn’t give you a notification that “you touched something”, right? Or give you the option of an actions if you do (ie open a link).

You can register a D-Bus action on touch, that’s how home screen reacts to touches. Look at /etc/nfcd/ndef-handlers/ directory on the device and the config file(s) there. That’s if you’re talking about NDEF handling.

There’re some NFC-DEP examples here as well.


There is at least a pop-up for simple tags, which will show the data stored in the tag.

OK. I’ll probably need to find a simple tag. I was playing with a debit card which up until 3.4 was making the phone vibrate.

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What does it do now?