What to do when things don't work?

I have an XA2 running SailfishOS 4.4, it’s a new install and doesn’t have any crazy modifications.
I have seen no end of problems with Sailfish recently, email, calling, wifi, internet, GPS all seem to be getting worse.

Do you think it’s time for me to jump ship and just accept that Sailfish is dead?

I do have another XA2 deveice, do you think it’s worth flashing and old version of Sailfish onto it and seeing what still works on an older version, i.e. what’s got broken by software updates in the last year or so?

Thing is after Sailfish 4.3 the internet got broken and I had to spend a month communicating with Jolla telling them they had a bug and for them to keep telling me I was stupid, only for one of their engineers to confirm there was a problem.

I’ve been with Sailfish since the original Jolla phone, but TBH I’m very disheartend.

So should I keep soldiering on or just accept “he’s dead Jim”?

If I were you I would new download the flash image and the Sony binaries and reflash the phone and then check again. Maybe some file is broken at downloading or on your computer, or some error occured in the flashing procedure.

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Or even reflash Android, then SFOS.
You should not discourage.
I have some XA2 Dual and Single and am very happy.

My daily is on 4.4 and I have to say I have only minor issues.
(Humble use: phone, sms, mms, web, mail, calendar, notes, patches, Chum, Storeman, Fernschreiber, gps not yet tried)

Well, considering that I’m using a community port that currently only has 2 problems, neither of which have anything to do with Jolla, I’d say, try a port (if a re-flash doesn’t work). With the exception of a bug that doesn’t allow the camera to do video recording and screenshots being ko., the volla phone port is really solid!


I understand you; I have had several problems, too (XA2). Almost too many to mention. I’ll wait for the next release and see if it has somehow shaped up a little more. If not I’ll have to bite the bullet and revert to [expletive] Android. Having a phone should not amount to a part time job, solving all kinds of problems.

XA2 and X before. No major problems. The impression that things are getting worse can easily be remedied by muting some 3-5 users here.