What applications can connect to cSMS?

cSMS looks really promising, but most of the people I know use Android or iOS, is there a way to include them in cSMS’s encrypted conversation?

Unfortunately it’s SFOS-only and does not have an Android or iOS equivalent.

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I do think it’s perfect to replace SMS if I have to go VoIP only

I’m afraid cSMS will not work as SMS replacement, as it relies on SMS as transport medium. Unlike all the other apps it actually encrypts SMS messages, means it will keep working even if you don’t have any internet access at all. - but sadly not when the network does not implement any dedicated SMS servces.

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Not unless VoLTE saves us LOL

If I understand it correctly, in a VoLTE setting SMS is encapsulated inside SIP packets. Means it’s treated not much differently than voice calls (minus the RTP part I guess).