Weird problems with phone calls (possibly only international?)

Sony Xperia XA2, SailfishOS

I have had some suspicions for a long time, and I think maybe somebody on TMO said something about problems with international calls…

Symptoms might include:

  • other side complaining of extremely poor audio quality
  • not receiving calls at all
  • calls cutting out

The last one happened just the other day. It happened twice, just a few seconds after receiving a call.
I then put the SIM card into another phone and asked the person to call me again - no problem.

National (Finland) calls seem to work just fine.
International calls happen roughly once a week, more on christmas etc. Inside EU.

It’s very difficult to grasp the problem - can somebody confirm this?

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No problems like that with XperiaX, might be dvice dependent.

Anyway it is difficult to understand why international calls would behave differently from domestic calls; the signaling is exactly same from the TE point-of-wiew…?

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That’s why I dismissed it for a long time.

Although, have a look at this - it’s possible that international calls are different?