Using app in android called dba

I am using an app called dba, it is a app design for second hand market. the things is that when using it , i try to take a picture with it and dont relate the picture that I have take with the announce that I wanna post. So the app gets totally stuck in between the camera and the app.
is there someone that has try out that app in sfos??

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I would like to have some insight for this too because I think I have this behaviour happening on some other android apps as well, when I use the android file system/gallery app in conjuction.
For instance, I have Snapseed, which is a photo editor. So when I open the app and then try to open/add a picture that I want to edit, android file browser/gallery (or whatever it is called) gets opened; however it doesn’t open any files directly like traditional open files dialog does but gives options on what app to open a select file with. So, if I then select the original parent app I will end in a loop where the parent app jumps to the file browser/gallery app and the file browser back to the parent app, so the focus is constantly switching between those two apps, flashing the card view in between.
I might be able to break away from the loop by randomly pressing apps on in the card view and if something progresses in the said parent app or file browser/gallery app; otherwise I have to reboot because I cannot use anything else during the loop.

It seems that there’s a sort of workaround if in the file browser/gallery app I open a file in another gallery app instead of the parent app. A different gallery app is opened and from there I can open with the parent app with success.

I had this behavior in Pixlr as well though now, for some reason, open with dialogs do not list Pixlr anymore, so I cannot use it at all, because the importing a picture from camera process also goes through gallery app.

I can report a similar bug with Conversations which might be related: if you click a picture in Conversations the GalleryApp starts and is showing the picture in the cover in full size as expected. As the GalleryApp maximizes, it does not show the selected picture any more but the grid view with folders. One can’t go back to Conversations because the GalleryApp will move to the top again; like Pheet described.

Even shutting down the GalleryApp does not help. It will come to front every time Conversations is selected in the cover view. A forced kill is necessary in the Android settings of this app.

This behaviour is new in Before the interaction between Conversation and the GalleryApp was working.

Opening a file in AD is buggy. It should be fixed in 3.4.

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Thank you for posting. PlantNet App is totally unusable bcause of this behavior.

Thanks for pointing to the related threads.