Update Issue: Xperia 10 / from 4.1 to 4.2 / got stuck at progress bar

Hey folks,

I assumed that the released new update (4.2) was tested now and reliable to install. So I did:

  • System preferences → Check for Updates
  • System preferences → Download new release
  • System preferences → Update the phone

It reboots and started the update process (at least this is what the progress suggests).

Now, this progress bar is still there. It reached almost the right side, so that someone would expect that the phone reboots and shows the UI. That is still not the case, it got stuck .

What should I do to not completly brick my phone? Thanks

Please wait and do nothing. It is normal that the progress bar sticks for several minutes (up to 20 min) while updating. The whole process may last up to an hour. This is normal, the update server seems to be slow for some reasons. It’s not only downloading 700 MB, I suspect there are a lot of online system checkings running while updating.

Thanks for your suggestion. Its 1,5 hours now. So, I assume its a bug that results in a real user problem.

Normally, all packages are downloaded beforehand. Means that after reboot its just the install process that is done.

My system (4.1), had the state being very minimal. 4 Android apps, round about 10 from the store, and plenty of GB in the user partition. I can not believe that such scenario is not tested by the QA team?

Yes, you’re right. After 1,5 hours it really should be ready. What phone model do you have?

I pass the same with my sony XA2 PLUS H4493, I stick as 99%, I despair and press the power button plus button volume up and restart, with that solve the problem

@ALFONSOLOP Months ago, I had the same problem on my Xperia 10 and did the same as you, with the result that the new system booted with no trouble.

@leon So I agree to @ALFONSOLOP s suggestion.

After waiting this night (progress bar still showed), I did - as mentioned above - a hard reset. The phone indeed rebooted into the new system.

I took a look into the last installed packages and the timestamp shows that the last package was installed just a quarter hour before my post here. So, it seems to stuck at the level where it should restart. Maybe it helps the devs to take a closer look at this issue.

Thanks all who have accompanied me hereby. Lessons learned - never do upgrades while traveling :slight_smile: