Update - Message: Remove "droid-hal-version-f5122"

During the preparation/download of the update I get the message that I should remove the package “droid-hal-version-f5122” otherwise it could get problems during the update.
If I ignore this, the installation stops during the first installation process step (the Sailfisch OS progress bar) with a failure (couldn’t be actualized, please try later again) and goes back to the last version (and one time of three trying updates it lost the wifi password).

The installation of the last version (the original v4.3, not the last small update which was executing problem-free) was fresh from a downloaded installation image because also there were some problems during the update destroying the system (set into a boot loop).

What can I do? How can I remove the mentioned package (what is its job?)? Could it be the reason? Must I reinstall it afterwards? Can I find a log with more information?

After a pkcon refresh the update works.

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