Transfer Xperia X SFOS license to another user?

Hi all :slight_smile:

Now that my Xperia 10 II is up and running, Iā€™d like to give my Xperia X to my girlfriend <3

Is it possible to transfer ownership of the SFOS license to her ? Or would she be better off buying a new license for herself ?

Cheers, Samuel

Is this the only licensed device upon your user account as you could provide access data? The username of the account cannot be changed however the password and contact details can. If your girlfriend buys herself a license remember that IMEI is currently tied to your license.

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Hi :slight_smile:

@aspergerguy : thank you for your quick reply, really appreciated.

AFAIK there are two licensed device on my account: Xperia X and now Xperia 10 II.

Would there be a way to relinquish the Xperia X IMEI to my girlfriend ?

Cheers, Samuel

No, unfortunately not. Regarding the account.
And as you already have your second device on same account you cannot give away your account anymore.

But what is the problem with current situation?
You can just give it to her.
She will only need your password once (and maybe! if sonething goes haywark once more) for registering into Jolla Store.
There is no personal data exchanged.
So as long as you are friends absolutely no problem.
And if not also no problem as long as device has registered into Jolla store.