Thinking of moving back to SailfishOS

I am going to be traveling in about week to Thailand, does anyone think that SailfishOS would work fine enough?

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If I would be better off with LineageOS, then I will stay with LineageOS for the time being…

hello, hard to answer without knowing your requirements :slight_smile:

I absolutely cannot afford to be without network connectivity, I have an Xperia 10 Plus (currently running Lineage)…

LTE should be supported in Thailand. I’d imagine your bigger concern is roaming if you don’t have a Thailand SIM. Don’t think SF supports 5G yet.

i was there 2 years back for months and i doubt things have changed that much

if you need uber or grab, those hardly worked

Well, I think they need to make Pine64 devices fully supported as Official Devices, then, I see where this could work well…