Telefon doesnt work properly when I am not catching it with my hands

hello. first of all I have a Sony XA2 device.
I have said before, when I am using my device , for example travelling in my car, and the device is hanging in the car holder , the device doesnt work properly when I touch the screen , actually it doesnt behave at all.
same situation happens when the device for example is in a table. when touching the screen , it doesnt responde at all.

is this a normal behaviour , something from ony devices or something from Sfos??

Seems like your touch screen is damaged. Mine is working even if I’m not holding it.

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Mine is as bad as OP says.
You need to touch the frame to get the screen to react.
This is a problem of the Hardware not SFOS. There are lots of reports on the web with Android as well.


Same trouble here, phone is new.
Maybe adding some pixels more for swiping gestures can help ? Just an idea …

But what is strange:
I just tested it laying on the table with rubber beneath and it is working perfectly. :thinking:
Now it is summer , air is a bit humid and we are all sweating…

Do you have a screen protector? If yes, it might be the cause for this. I do gave one and gestures are harder or impossible on a soft surface like a sofa or a pillow…

no I dont have any screen protector

I heard such complaints from Android XA2 users so it seems to be hardware “feature”.

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