Status quo of Android firefox browser

What is the current version of Firefox for Android that can be installed
on SFOSX (Xperia 10) and how to reliable obtain it?

curl -s -I “”|grep -i Location

is stucked on version 68.11.0 (ESR) since months. Thanks!

I have version 84.1.4 installed from Google Play via Aurora store.

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You can get latest Firefox from this app if you don’t want to manually get the apk : FFUpdater (on fdroid

Before updating you might want to make a backup of your Mozilla profile. I didn’t really like the new version and went back to 68.11. I will wait a while before trying again.

One issue I had was that DoH seemed enabled, or at least my hosts file was not working anymore. It was not available as an option inside the settings page, and ‘about:config’ didn’t work yet. Easiest was to just go back and wait it out.

I use Fennec from F-Droid (currently v84.1.4), which is basically stock Firefox without telemetry.


Holy goodness, it seems that i miss a complete development step. Ok, thanks for the feedback.
For the sake of complettness: Here the location for a direct download without 3rd party apps/packagers:

@marcelpol - I can not confirm your DoH observation. My local DNS mapping works fine. Anyway, you can disable DoH via user.js configuration.

One important things that is different to 68.11 - there is no master password protection anymore? Did I miss here something?