Sony XA2 Plus and Jolla phone for Sale

I’m a long time lurker and Sailfish user. I’m now selling a Sony XA2 Plus Dual Sim (H4493) and the first Jolla phone.
I’ve bought the Sony device new in June 2020 and I’ve used it for about a year. The glass has a screen protector on it and the body has some minor scratches on the sides. SFOS 4.1 is installed. Otherwise it is working just fine.
The Jolla phone it’s obviously quite old and has some minor scratches on the body. It comes with the white TOH and a custom engraved Star Wars themed (Welcome to Tatooine) Lastu wooden case on top. I replaced the speaker with a new one some time ago. This phone is on SFOS 3.0

I’d sell the Sony phone for 100€ and the Jolla phone for 40€ plus shipping. Preferred payment method would be PayPal.

Images can be found here:

Hit me up if you have any questions or if you want to buy one.

Have you sold the Sony yet?