Smart spell checker

my xperia 10 III when I write messages the keyboard does not have smart spell checker, how can I install

If you paid for a license for SailfishOS the XT9 dictionary can be download from the Jolla Store application on your device. If you are using a FREE version of SaifishOS, there is no XT9 dictionary.

Thank you very much I didn’t know where to download it was solved

When you use free verson you can use Presage. I don’t know if it works on 10 III

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I have a license yes, I downloaded the XT9 as Edz said and it was solved, thanks

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I’m slipping a bit on the side:
Did you also notice that wrong spelled words are proposed by XT9?
Or are they recorded when I write them wrongly?

This is a bit annoying. Is there a way to specify to XT9 to record only words with capitals (names)?

This doesn’t happen to me, the right word always appears, among others, just choose the one you want. As for First Names, XT9 recognizes that I’m trying to write a name and capitalizes it

This might be helpful to someone:

Settings/Text input/Clear learned words
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Thanks, good to refresh our memory.
IIRC, there is no way to edit the list of learned words in order to keep the good ones.
The file where they are stored is in a proprietary format, isn’t it?