Security and privacy

hello i had questions about the security and privacy of sfos
from former questions i had asked on this forum i got mixed answers
some say it is secure
and some say it is less secure than android

one more thing
from what i found the reason that sfos isn’t targeted by viruses is that it isn’t as popular as other os’s
but is the aurora os devices get used in Russia the will be over 8 million users which will make it more of a target for attacks is it true ?
is the aurora os project still in development or did they abandon it like huawei and gone of after another os ?
i asked the aurora os question here not in the other topic about it because that topic was about the os it self what am asking is in concern to sfos .

Thanks for raising this in a separate thread as we discussed elsewhere @phoenixking. Hopefully the discussion may even become a useful resource for others to refer back to in the future too.


I don’t see any signs they would be abandoning the project.

ok no problem hopefully it will be useful in the future

when i checked the sdk from their site on a vpn the latest version was version 3
and no news agency has reported anything about it since the initial announcement

Have you checked Russian language sites?
OMP are releasing videos presenting use cases etc. every few weeks.

tried ( i don’t speak russian )
the site i checked for the sdk was their official sdk site and checked their official site they only spoke about version 4 but nothing about if it was complete , developed … etc
i suspect it is just teasing until they release it
and nothing about the test program or people testing it only small promo videos of the devices no software though
but from what i was able to see was that the talk only about what it will be used for … etc
but nothing about the OS and it’s development or the new versions

i will try google translate and search the russian sites and see what i can find
if you find anything be sure to let me know