Sailfishos, questions


I dont know if Im in the right category
I do have several devices :
iphones ((up to SE2016)
blackberry (even last model from rim with touchscreen)
huawei ale l21 2015
htc pn07100 m7
wiki sunny2plus
sams g530fz
sams g386f

I guess only the m7 from htc could run sailfishos-like.
unfortuantely the images :

are not available anymore, never found any mirror

is there a way to test sailfishos anyway ?
does it is made on android-like sort on independant?

I thank you vm :slight_smile:

Welcome @harold99,

Very very lot is mirrored here:
I have no experience of it, but I’ve read you can use VirtualBox for testing.

hi jolla4ever

thank you for yur reply
unfortunately you guess I already investigated few days ago, but those files :

[definitely removed links from archive org, cause of restriction of forum]

[removed a t in the h.t/t’p archive links because of restrictions of 2 links on the forum]

hasnt been saved by
I dont even know if the guy whom maked them still have them, in a way I dont know who is it, and the company he was working for, looks disappeared…

I feel sorry for you. Maybe I do not understand. But is this an example you are looking for?

/edit: made some mistakes, sorry