SailfishOS has problem to recognize the mobile network of a SIM card

I have a problem while using the dual sim in the x10 II Is a sim that is from another european country where I AM , and when I select the 2 cards to be used , the one that is form another country can not get connected to the network so is imposible to use it.
When selecting the sim cards:
first it takes me to Android instead of sailfish settings, an there andrid recognize the sim card, but not sailfish
and the not primary card doesnt get recognize the network , but it accepts the pin code .
If I use the same card in another phone , it is been recognize so is possible to use it.

This is a use case I was thinking of when buying the dual sim X10 II.
However knowing Jolla and how they cheet and having few other use cases that do not work, I keep two phones in my pocket the old X and the new X10 II.

I will test this and report back.

BTW: do each card connect properly when used separately?

The second card that is from another country in Europe doesnt work properly if is install just in the phone. So it might be a problem that cant see , cause it works perfect in an android device

So it seems it is a problem with the specific card/provider and Sailfish.
Can you share information who is the provider and what is the card (prepaid or whatever)?

The card is prepaid and the provider is Yoigo , but is using 3 in Denmark

The thing is we do not know if it is something with the hardware for example your 10 II with Sailfish and the other model with Android.

I have just download the new update to 4.3 ,and the sim card works fluid now?