Sailfish Secrets: "Collection X in plugin [...] is owned by a different application"

I’m getting this error when launching an application using sailfish secrets:

 "Collection nextcloudTalk in plugin org.sailfishos.secrets.plugin.encryptedstorage.sqlcipher is owned by a different application"

… and the app (which indeed is “Nextcloud Talk”) will not prompt me with the usual popup about reading accounts/access to sqlcipher, which it previously did.
It then proceeds to run but without secrets can not log into the website API and so can’t function.

What is the meaning of this message, and how do I fix it? I found nothing obvious in the output of secrets-tool.

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Did you start it from terminal or via app launcher?

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I did start it from terminal, but to check why the popup does not appear when started from app launcher.

There is no popup when launched properly, and that is the actual problem.

Well, a reboot solved it.

I discovered Storeman also didn’t ask for sqlcipher permissions, so it was a general problem.

Still would be interested how to resolve it without a reboot.

I believe I was once having a situation where neither app could request the secret (not even the error showed) and i restarted.

What you might try is to restart sailfish-secretsd.service (as defaultuser/nemo, not root, i.e. use --user flag with systemctl).