Sailfish Community News, 4th November, Berlin, Helsinki

Probably my bad. Drinking at public events makes me incoherent :slight_smile:

ahah - although I’m pretty sure we hadn’t started drinking yet when we talked ^^

Argh. Then I was probably trying to spare you the overly complicated story that I’m now subjecting EVERYONE too!!!

In any case, it was great to meet you! And also see some people I hadn’t seen in years and years like Carol “Cybette” Chen!


Still frustrating to not have a smartwatch that has the same elegance or beauty of Sailfish to match. I’m aware the PoC for that was a skin over Asteroid OS, but I’d still take that and support for aOS as opposed to the near-nothing we have. Oh great, an old Pebble watch from 6 years ago is my choice.

Great to hear about the meetup.

Amazfit GTR works beautiful:)

I found Pine64’s PineTime to be a good Pebble replacement :slight_smile:

@flypig it’s nice article about how Sailfish handles memory and it’s written by community so maybe it’s woth to mention in next community news.
And maybe some comment about this from Jolla devs.


Also mentioned here by @karry.

Yes, really nice, and thanks for flagging it up. It’ll get a mention next newsletter, and I’ll also see if I can get some feedback as you suggest.

didn’t notice that. [20 chars]

Podqast just shipped a new update.
Feature highlights: new tutorial, switching over to downloaded file when streaming, streaming indicator, episode search in podcast view, disable autoplay next in queue, feed pagination support, has been played marker, event log, bugfixes and introduction of new bugs (exercise for the readers ;). And maybe more I forgot :wink:
Bug reports, feature request, design feedback and contributions welcome on gitlab or in our lovely matrix channel.

Would love to see it mentioned


Test the openrepos version?

Apologies for not getting this quite right in the write-up, and thanks for correcting it Richard!

Many thanks for highlighting the Podqast update Thigg, it’ll definitely get a mention.

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The difference is the mpris support (which will hopefully be allowed in the store soon), so it does not really make a huge difference

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot. I could use some good ideas for the ultra minimal audio features in tidings.

Replying ahead of flypig’s response

If you have good ideas for podqast, we’re happy to hear them :wink:

Tidings is already a lovely app. but if you’re in need of ideas… I’d love to see the audio features in tidings beefed up. Jump forwards/back 10s (or something like that) would be great, but best of all would be a download option :smiley:

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Support for chapter images would be nice :slight_smile:

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