Sailfish Community News, 20th May

@flypig dont forget the pure maps inclusion to the store for the next Community news. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @ApB, I’ve taken note :spiral_notepad:


Admittedly there are some more things that need to be done -on Jollas side- so we can use the app in its full potential but its a first step. Big one after all these years with no native maps app.

Possibly, altough not necessarily. When the device is locked it still does not lock the luks volumes, only the UI. Hence I think it is enough to unlock the luks volumes once, when the device boots up.

Yes, but where the PIN is stored and checked on live devices? Is it checked as dummy LUKS unlock or is it put in keyring/memory after LUKS unlock and checked there…

I don’t think the unlock code handling bears any relation to the luks subsystem since unlock code has been there since the beginning, long before filesystem crypto… :slight_smile:

That would be the case if you could set up a different PIN and luks unlock codes.
Whereas you can’t, hence the request.