Sailfish Android Images on XA2 and X10 III - What's different?

I now have three Sailfish phones, two XA2’s and a brand new, freshly flashed Xperia 10 III which I am in the process of testing.

All are on the latest Sailfish release.

For many years we couldn’t use Android mobile banking apps on Sailfish as they complained that the phone was rooted and wouldn’t start.

Recently (and I can’t remember exactly which release introduced this) Jolla started using signed Android images and mobile banking, for me at least, started working Specifically the Android Santander UK mobile banking app on my trusty XA2. Hooray !

It still works on the XA2 today. However …

Installing the same Santander Android app on my brand new Xperia 10 III, it now longer works and complains that the phone is rooted again.

So what is different - Same android app (version, etc), Same Sailfish release?

It works on the XA2, but not on the X10 III. Can I do anything about this - is it some setting that I have not switched on, some configuration that is different that I can change - or are the two Android images different, or what?

Well at least one difference is XA2 only runs 32b android apps, while 10 III runs 64bit apps.

Well, I knew that the XA2 was 32 bit and the 10 iii was 64 bit for SFOS native apps, but didn’t know the difference existed for Android apps as well. Does this mean that the 64 bit Android system has gone back to being unsigned then?

My understanding is that AD for XA2 (Android9), 10-II (Android10), and 10-III(Android11) are not the same. I would imagine the next SFOS release will improve many 10-III issues.

What is your source for that? AD is only very loosly copled with what Android version the Sailfish adaptation uses.

I do not have a particular source, in the past AD for different SFOS devices were different, hence “my understanding” in my comment. I can understand that the AD VM can be loosely coupled with SFOS but I do not know details.