[Release notes] Vanha Rauma 4.4.0

@lolek Wouldn’t swipe cause accidental wakes, so isn’t double tap more reliable?

@Seven.of.nine Battery consume has never been an issue with Jolla 1’s double tap feature, so i guess it wouldn’t be with swipe either. (Or would it, i don’t know.)

Double tap was a nice feature with Jolla 1, but i haven’t missed it since with fingerprint sensor (two presses and viola.)

And don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to seem like a Debbie Downer and just shoot your ideas down. Keep them coming anyway.

when using BBOS10 there was swipe to show the screen. Yeah there was some accidental wakes but I didn’t care, the battery life wasn’t affected so much that I would bother. And tbh I found double tap to wake awkward.
But I saw that Motorola is using motion detection. When you lay down phone on a table then it’s enough to even tap the table and the phone will light up.
I was actually to make some software for jolla that will allow to add some extra gestures but I’m stuck and it seems no one is willing to help:

Anyway I’d like to have anything that would allow me to easily wake up phone without pressing the power button or swiping the fingerprint. Something as easy as: swpie the screen, double tap it (even that I don’t like it), or motion detection. It could even use proximity sensor plus accelerometer i.e. when screen is off check proximity swipe if it’s on then check accelerometer if phone is laying down - turn on screen for a 5-10 secs whatever.

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There’s now a new binary release for Xperia 10 III, but it’s Android 12, so I assume it’s really incompatible with Sailfish 4.4.0…

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Ideally the wake signal is generated in hardware, and I think this is what differentiates screen digitizers in phones that offer 2t2w vs not, or motorola’s solution you mention with motion, over software wake listening, which means actually having a process running to wait for the accelerometer to nudge.

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well ok, still I should be able to monitor accel from the c++. While right now it’s not working at all and suing qml is not a solution cause I’d like this to work totally as a system service and correct me if I’m wrong but with qml that’s not possible.

Yes, Sony’s Android 12 aosp binary blobs are incompatible with Xperia 10 III Sailfish OS image. You must still extract Android 11 lena blobs to the same folder where you extracted Xperia 10 III Sailfish OS image like said in the installation instructions. It must be done like this even if you updated your device to Android 12 before you started flashing Sailfish OS.

See also Android 12 thread.

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