Reinstalling OS on the jolla tablet

I’m trying to resurrect my old Jolla Tablet. Apparently even the later versions of Sailfish work on it. I was upgrading it via OTA but at some version (3.x.x maybe) it just got stuck in reboot and it still does that. (Showing jolla logo but hanging there)

I have yet to try the recovery mode, but in advance, is there a way to install latest Sailfish directly? Or if latest is not possible, what’s the last version that’s supported?

On maemotalk forum, there is thread with flashable images:

Note: I haven’t tried those myself.
e.g.: I don’t know if one of the stop releases before the latest supported Sailfish OS does change the partition scheme.

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Here comes another link: Reinstalling SFOS on Jolla Tablet

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stupid me: I meant this link

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I reset my Jolla Tablet a few month ago. At one update the update process stop with an error ‘to less space on rootfs’ (or something like this). May be at some ‘non stop release’ the resize of the rootfs is done and that’s why i have do the resize manually. So take a look at the size of the rootfs before each update. May be this is your problem with the unfinished update. Btw. the Android support need many space on rootfs …