Question: Sailfish on Raspberry PI 4

Good evening dear experts,
I was thinking about putting the sailfish os on my raspberry pi 4. (8GB)
I was wondering if this was possible, if there is a version i can just flash on the pi.
I know that there have been people that flashed the sailfish os on the raspberry pi 2 (in 2015), but i found no recent work on this and was wondering if it is possible with the new sailfish os and if you could help me out to find more about the process.

If there is an option without having to rewrite a lot lines of codes i would be looking forward to… will probably still be a bit complicated to include the 4G module, but that’s another part…, now i just need the normal os to run.

Hope to recieve an answer soon.
Wish you a beautiful day,
Best Regards,

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For the Pi 4 afaik there is no image available.
The port for the RPi 2 also was done by the community and not officially by Jolla.

There is the HADK documentation here:
This is however meant for phones and addresses Android driver support. For the Pi that might work completely different as it offers native linux drivers.

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