Q: Is it possible to install another GUI additional to the SFOS?

Is it possible to install another GUI additional to the SFOS?

…and add a second user to the existing ‘nemo’ ?

My intention is to use the Sailfish phone as a pocket linux computer. Something like starting a second session under another user name by CLI command, there another GUI as the default (e.g. Cinnamon - edit: or MATE), so I could run standard Linux software on the SFOS phone (Xperia 10).

Has this idea a chance to succeed?

  1. Yes, technically: e.g., GlacierUX, the default UI of nemomobile OS (“Maemo II”).
  2. Yes.
  3. Not really (yet).

What works and is IMO the appropriate route (at least for the next years) for your use case to “run standard Linux software on the SFOS phone”, is to install a Linux distribution in an LXC container.

Does that answer your question? If so, please mark it at answered.
You might also adapt the title to properly reflect your core goal here:
Q: Is it possible to run standard Linux software on the SFOS phone?


unfortunately both links are not working.

Searching DuckDuckGo, I found this:

Is this compatible with the new SFOS

Be assured they are.

Either you or your provider filters or blocks something here, or the hoster of maemo.org does not like your internet access provider (e.g. dubious VPN providers).
You may try a different internet access or check your blockers.

@olf Thank you! Without VPN the links work. It seems to me that maybe ANY VPN is blocked, because my VPN provider is SURELY not dubious…

Here is TMO thread - Full linux distros on Sailfish OS - maemo.org - Talk . If you look at the end of the thread, you see that there is currently some work being done by Kabouik to make Containers adaptable to new “defaultuser” on SF>3.4, (the original rpm is compiled assuming “nemo”). So, if yo are on 4.1 via ota update, then you may still have nemo, and Containers will work as-is from the links and instructions in the first post. If you are using “defaultuser” yiu need to follow Kabouiks instructions in the last post, or compile a new rpm with the modifications to the source, (that’s what I didl and working fine on 4.0).
CLI Linux distros all working, and desktop working for a few distros, (Debian Sid for one)…

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You may be right. I get blocked when using nordvpn to access TMO, which I don’t consider to be sketchy. But I also have to find motorcycles for google sometimes using it there (and youtube, etc.), too.

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@Levone1 I am a mid-age sailor since abt. 2 years, and luckily the ‘nemo’ username remained on my two phones during the last system update.

So I will try to install Debian Sid, and will report success or problems as soon I know more.

@robthebold One of my VPN providers is ProtonVPN, trying to access the maemo.org homepage leads to an error message, that access from this address is denied because of spam…
My other VPN is from my webhoster, this is a very small and private company. Using this VPN, there comes only a white page and nothing else. Rotating symbol in address line of browser, waiting for data and nothing comes for minutes. So I gave up… does not work.

Why use a VPN that is either not at your work or your home? you get tracked via 1000 other ways than IP and you give ALL your data openly to your VPN provider. That’s too much trust for me.

I have here where I am now only internet access via 4G cellphone and this runs a lot faster when using a VPN, and runs slower without. And second, I want to access some TV station content of my home country. Thats all… there is no other reason for the VPN.

I often get that from TMO myself with everything official and default. Try again later and it will work fine. I think it’s website-bugginess…

Excuse my off-topic intrusion here guys, But!

Lately, I’ve been coming across this incorrect info/ misunderstanding around here, so often that I got confused myself… I’ve been around ever since Jolla was founded, and I still couldn’t recall a time where we; users/ community, were called ‘Sailors’ by Jolla. :slight_smile:

So after a bit of searching & looking around :

From Jolla’s Website

Sorry for this O-T, but I felt, it had to be cleared :see_no_evil:


Thanks for that clarification @babo.

Unfortunately when I read this (again)

following came to my mind:

  • closed UI sources
  • silence about roadmap (esp. VoLTE, once mentioned then removed from Jolla web site)
  • bug tracking (forum bugs mentioned, not marked as noted/worked/solved, against internal bug tracker)

Really sorry for OT and negativity, but somehow this does not match, or?
(maybe only personal feeling that just does not want to go away?)
– and to clarify:
this is not against the open sailors here on the forum or IRC or meetings but in general to the way Jolla acts as a company

I always understood “Sailor” as member of the community, this forum, or user of a Sailfish phone, not only employees of Jolla company, but also every contributer to the developing process and also all fories here or user of a SFOS phone.
The same way as motorcycle drivers are called “biker”, radio amateurs are called “HAM’s”, enthusiasts in programming are called “coder”.

You’re a Sailer/Sailor/Sailr, rest assured! Ahoi!

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