Q: Completely remove of the audio volume warning mechanism

I hope someone can help me… I want to completely remove the high audio volume warning mechanism from my SF phones (Xperia 10 & Volla). I don’t want to apply any patches, if possible and prefer strongly to completely remove the warnings mechanism itself once and for all. (Patches work for some time and then warning comes back to my annoyance)

So my question: What parts of the code are responsible for this warning and how can I remove it completely from the system?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe you could start from the patch? It works very well for me, but if you want a different way maybe it could point you to right directions?

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You have asked this before iirc, but it seems we went round in circles. Currently, I am using my Jolla1 (yawn, so slowwwww!!), but a quick search elsewhere on the net, I found the following, I’m not sure how different things may be on the latest SFOS release but at least for (Pallas), I did the following;

devel-su nano +523 /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/volumecontrol/VolumeControl.qml

Change the following line;

onShowAudioWarning: loader.showWarning(initial)


onShowAudioWarning: volumeControl.setWarningAcknowledged(true)

Because this is within lipstick, we need to restart lipstick to take effect;

systemctl --user restart lipstick

At least for me, the high volume warning is now gone. It seems to survive a lipstick restart, but I did not try restarting the device, but it ‘should’ still work…give it a whirl!, as with all things SailfishOS, your mileage may vary, greatly.

ONLY tested on Jolla1 as per my opening comments


The patch works only on the Xperia 10 but does not work on the Volla. Therefore I asked again.

@Edz Thanks very much for the detailled instructions, I will try tomorrow and then report about the result on the Volla phone.

Thanks very much again @Edz , now I edited the VolumeControl.qml as you told me and restarted lipstick. Success!! (nano must be vi in the command at the Volla phone) The high audio volume warning is now gone and I’m very happy!

The line you mentioned is line 525 (of 573) on the Volla phone running SFOS .

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Cool, glad you got it sorted. I forget nano is not used by everybody. I don’t use vi, for some reason it boggles my mind and I need a cheat sheet open to use it, at the least, I find it unintuitive.

I did wonder about the line number within the file, but given the actual line of code, I guessed you’d be able to find it.

Hopefully it stays gone for you. I don’t use headphones anymore, although i got a set with my Sony Xperia. I suffer with tinnitus and headphones exacerbate the problem, I’ve different frequencies squealing away in my head/ears, low tone in the left ear and high pitch whistle in the right, so I stay away from headphones and loud music, too many gigs/raves and loud music via headphones! <— hence the warning I guess.

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