Please support Tama phones for getting good compact device

I know that so many people loves big screen phones, but for that ones that we miss compact devices will be awesome to get support from Jolla to the compact device XZ2 compact single and dual that are 64bit arquitecture, cause is a device that still is maintaned status. Is it a crazy and no possible idea at all?


Not going to happen. At this point its quite difficult to find a tama device.

shame. I miss really a compact device in 64 bits

Get a used one if you cant find a new and enjoy one of the best ports available. Nothing more you can do.

I know, and thats what I do, but still I think that will be a great idea to cover that kind of devices too.

Deja vu…

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In short if sony -or any other mgf for the matter- doesn’t release a small device nothing can be done.

with the same kernel than x10 II you can find the Tama phones

And also the yoshino where the xz1 compact is

Do you realize that there is a community port for XZ2c and you could flash SFOS on it already? If you are not aware of it, see

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No, I was not aware ofit. In th eother hand if there is a port allready, maybe Jolla can use it to do a maintaned one?
thanks @rinigus

It is maintained, just not officially by Jolla. Which has its drawbacks (having several employees working on it, absence of Alien Dalvik, some other payed goodies) and advantages (open source fingerprint support and encryption) - just to name few differences. With the recent support for Waydroid, we should be more or less on par with payed components, with the exception of MS Exchange support in SFOS.


Plus Presage is a bit wankier than XT9…

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but there’s patch for x compact to use official image from xperia x
here if you don’t know:

oh I was using it from day 1, (first comment here 3 years ago - Sailfish OS on Sony Xperia X Compact - I gave up XC for XZ2c when AD support stopped at Android 4, ( at the time, XZ2c was armv7, so I could pull AD files off of XA2).

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>> snort, chortle! <<