I use the Patchmanager 3.0 from coderus on an Xperia Xa2 and have noticed that with the update to Rokua (3.3.0) many patches have been updated to version Unfortunately, many have not been updated for Sailfish version, so I can no longer use them. (In many cases the web catalog only offers patches up to version
Is there a reason for this or a solution to enable the update for Sailfish version

Thank you for every hint :wave:

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In developer mode you can activate the patches anyway. Most if not all of them should work. (of those who claim to work with


Wow … that was a really quick answer. Thank you very much for this hint. It works!

You should contact the author of each non-working patch directly.

Surely you can answer your own question?, the OS gets updated and suddenly a patch or two isn’t working, well, surprise, surprise!, looks like the patch needs updating. This is a 3rd party developer problem and not one that really belongs here on SFO…back to my opening comment.

Well … then I apologize for my request in this forum and will try to avoid such questions in the future. Still, I’m grateful for the quick solution without having to do a lot of research. Unfortunately, I’m just a simple user.

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No problem, no need for apologies. I’ve no doubt some will disagree with my comments and say every problem is okay discussed here, which it likely is.

But ALL patches are 3rd party creations, so it is prudent to contact the dev directly, through the repo from which you downloaded the patch.

By all means, post what you like, I’m merely suggesting a different approach regarding patches.


Indeed! :slight_smile: Especially the Applications section is here to discuss applications and development. Also, @NoIos2018’ question is for sure interesting for other users, too.

Many patches do work after OS updates. They just have to be tested and marked as compatible in the web catalogue. So please try as @leszek explained; if there are incompatibilities, then please contact the developer.

I developed a few patches and I’m always grateful when I get feedback from users. Me, and I guess most developers, have developer mode enabled so these issues are often likely to go unnoticed.


Thanks for the explanation.
I really try not to ask nonsensical questions.
Sometimes it’s difficult for me because I don’t speak the English language perfectly and I always have to struggle a little through communication.
I use Sailfish because I don’t want the big commercial products.
In my situation it is often difficult to get the right information, especially since I have no programming skills.
I have to work out a lot with a lot of time. And this time is often short.
Nevertheless, I understand and accept your point of view and of course I do not want to cause unnecessary posts or duplicates.
Thanks and greetings

If you want you can mark this topic as solved selecting leszeks post as solution

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i am pretty sure new forun is a good place to solve MANY 3rd arty developer problems. Just need to ask to create subtopic for modifications stuff.


I think this is a really good idea.
The normal Sailfish user naturally seeks advice or help in this forum.
As the first point of contact!

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