On some Android apps, word suggestions mess up the text input's destination

REPRODUCIBILITY: constantly on certain android apps; never in others
HARDWARE: Xperia XA2 - Dual SIM
REGRESSION: can’t say for sure


On some android apps when you write something and then move caret to some other location, the previous word will stay underlined and the subsequent inputs will be added after that underlined word rather than the newly switched claret location.


One these android apps:

  • Nimbus note v.
  • Turtl v. android-
  • Notion v. (Mobile 0.6.47)
  • Outlook v. 4.2048.4 (32048815); only when writing an email, but not when creating a calendar entry.


(While using one of the previously mentioned apps)

  1. Create a new note (or in Outlook, new email).
  2. Click on the note’s (or email’s) body and write multiple words and do leave the caret on the end of the final word (e.g do not press space, or comma or period in the end).
  3. While the last word is still underlined, move caret on to a other word.
  4. write into that new caret location.


The input will appear in the location where you moved the caret.


The input appears after the last, underlined word.


This behaviour has not been present in some other android apps I have, like Trello, Whatsapp, Ticktick, Telegram, Signal, Trackendar, Boost.

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I think this might have some relation to this bug: https://together.jolla.com/question/38874/closed-auto-correct-problem-in-android-apps/.

your link states this issue was fixed in SFOS 1.7.x. If I’m right, we’re a few updates away from 1.7.x so I guess it’s not really related.

What I have experienced today was that the text (consisting of multiple words) duplicated after I selected a word from the prediction.

I have this problem, or something very similar, with Firefox. It does not happen all the time, but quite often. At least on this forum when replying to a post and on DuckDuckGo search field.

Yeah, I was going to mention Firefox, but I just couldn’t remember any of the circumstances where the issues has arisen.

I’m only mentioning it because the of the behavioural relation; the underlying reason could be something similar. But yeah, maybe too far fetched - I tried searching info on that bug and fix but couldn’t find any.