No search engines and no emoji's on 10 III

When installing Sailfish search engines and emoji’s with Storeman on my 10 III, nothing happens. In Storeman it says that they are installed, yet nor in files, neither in transfers are the installations mentioned. The browser app in settings doesn’t show a list of search engines, only the ‘big four’.
In settings ‘text’ and 'language should show emoji’s as an option after being installed, but nothing to be seen. I rebooted the device and reinstalled both without result.

“Sailfish search engines” doesn’t work, but emoji’s should. What emoji app did you install?
I did The Emoji Keyboard and The Emoji+ Keyboard.

Yes, that’s what I did too, both, but no presence. Probably a bug.

Maybe you should reboot or restart maliit?
devel-su killall maliit-server

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For search engines you only need to point the browser to your favourite, then check browser settings.
A new selection option should be there.


Thank you! That did someting, at least. I typed in starting page in settings of the browser app, went to browser, typed in Bing, went back to settings of the browser app and there was qwant as extra choice.
not yet the list of Coderus, but this helped!

So it is. And as far as I remember that’s no new feature, I’d say this was introduced with SFOS 4.

@flypig After installing Search Engines from Storeman this appears in Files under ‘downloads’, but not in the bowser app as a list, like before.
Probably due to the api: noarch.rpm. Some suggested a partially solution however, (see above) so the problem is not urgent.
Concerning emoji: also installed with Storeman, but nowhere to be seen, not in textinput, nor in language, nor in Files or transfers. I don’t know what build it is.

Thanks for your message @Kea.

The Search engine app from @coderus is a third-party app, so my guess is that it probably broke due to changes to the way the browser works in recent updates to the OS.

The only official way to add search engines is as @nephros describes: by visiting the sites that provide the search capability. There’s a way for these sites to tell the browser that they support search, and the browser will pick up on this and add them as installation options in the browser Settings. You can then go ahead and install them for use in the url bar of the browser.

It’s possible @coderus can update the app to make it work with newer versions of the OS, but my suggestion would be to stick with the official approach if you can.

Similarly with @adekker’s Emoji+ keyboard. It’s a third party app that isn’t covered by Harbour Validation. What this means in short is that it can get broken by operating system upgrades, and the best thing to do is contact the author and request kindly for them to update their app.

I appreciate that having to go to multiple different authors to ask them to update their apps isn’t great for you as an end user. We try not to make changes that will break apps, but unfortunately it’s inevitable that this will happen sometimes, and the purpose of the validation that I mentioned earlier is to try to avoid this. As a result, apps downloaded from the Jolla Store are more likely not to break across operating system upgrades, since they are required to pass this validation.


The main reason why a lot of apps are not in the store are the strict rules. And if they are allowed in, it often is a version crippled in functionality and the full version has to be installed from Openrepos.
And the huge amount of disfunctional apps in the Jolla Store is not really a testament that apps in the Store are not likely to break.

Besides this footnote, I always test my apps directly after early access is released. So I can tell the Emoji+ keyboard still works on the latest release. If it doesn’t I will place a remark. But if someone refuses to provide a (clear) issue on openrepos or github I consider the app functional. Or they could give Patch: Stock emoji keyboard with colors | — Community Repository System a try in this case.

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This is of course a difficult balance.

Thank you for your explanation. I understand this is a period of transition and not all apps are changed into the new build.Fortunately I can now use an alternative search engine again.
@adekker I have to apologize, for having read your post I thought I could have been mistaken. I downloaded both packages, emoji and emoji+. Nothing was shown in textinput. Today I deleted them and installed emoji+ only. That worked! It’s there.

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emoji+ is my fork of emoji , so it is not wise to install them both.
Glad you figured it out and that it is working now!

Why do I have to install Emoji as a separate app? On XA2 I just had to enable them in Keyboard settings as far as I remember.

You don’t have to. Jolla ships its own Emoji keyboard for a while, but it is rather limited.

Hm, but I can’t find it on 10 III (the Jolla Version)…

Yours is working and availble where? Chum, Storeman?

(question is for Emoji, not for search engines…)

It isn’t there by default (should be). So follow the suggestion of Nephros: type the url of the search engine you want is the start page.

You can find emoji+ in Storeman. After having installed, go to textinput in Settings, click on keyboard, then a list with languages appears. Emoji+ should be there.