New user problem installing

Im a new user, buyed sailfish for my Xperia 10ii
Follow instructions OS installed but my phone dont start, stay locked to SONY logo.
Sometimes (if I wait forever) go after and hang on sailfish logo.
Flashed twice, same problem

If your flash file match with your exact phone model and your Android version just before flashing was one of those listed in instructions and successfully tested your best choice is probably Jolla support.

Good luck!

Can you explain specifics? What specific steps and commands you made, what Android version you started from, which oem file you used…

Ok reflashd 3rd time… is ok now!!!

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That’s great. Welcome in the community. I wish you a great satisfaction with SF qualities.

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Thanks!!! I have to study the Whatsapp question and how to manage haptic feedback writing on keyboard, too strong for me but I dont want to leave it totally off