Native Text Messaging App

It appears ever since the latest update (Suomenlinna), the native text messaging app has been acting wonky; it does not open. Has anyone been experiencing the same issue or what? By the way, I have a Xperia 10 i4193.

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nope, works as expected on a Xperia 10 ii

Works fine in my Xperia 10 ii.

You could always try reinstalling ‘jolla-messages’ but you will need to do this via terminal.

devel-su pkcon remove jolla-messages


devel-su pkcon install jolla-messages

Perhaps to restart lipstick after or reboot device

If the above is of no help, in terminal again, you could try;

devel-su pkcon refresh


devel-su pkcon update

by running update, any missing packages should be completed/updated and hopefully messaging runs again.

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