Media doesn't play anything (from custom folder)

Another day - another puzzle… I’ve noticed standard media player stopped playing music. I’m not sure when did it happen exactly but no on attempt to play anything - just nothing happens (and play button doesn’t transition to ‘playing’ state). Could it be somehow related to the fact that I’m using custom folder (syncthing’s one) for Music (had to reconfigure tracker)? How to troubleshoot?

Moat likely sailjail will restict access to other folders, you can also setup syncthing to sync a folder in your music directory, that is what i did :wink:

In order to confirm, try playing a music file from your music folder instead

Hmmm, that’s explains a lot. I’m not familiar with sailjail, is there any docs on how to reconfigure it to ‘whitelist’ my syncthing folder? (I’d like to keep general music separately from the one coming from syncthing)

The best path forward would be to indeed use a subdirectory under Music.

That will allow all apps to work with the files “as expected” under sailjail ( which will be on per default in one of the next releases).

The other variant would be to edit the permissions files to treat another folder the same as “Music” but that’s uncharted territory right now.

Look at /etc/sailjail/permissions/Music.permission and perhaps add your “OtherMusic” dir there.

thanks, will try it soon!