Lost USB modes 4.4

I had to reflash my Xperia X for 4.4 after an upgrading issue.

It now seems that USB modes are gone. I don’t know in which version this last worked as I haven’t used MTP for quite some time.

I tried 3 different cables, they all charge but none of them work for MTP (or USB IP connection).

It may be my physical USB port, this thing is almost 5 years old by now.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Developer mode with ssh via USB works here on an XA2 with 4.4. You could use e.g. fastboot to check the pyhsical connection without OS interference.

I just flashed it so I believe the port to be working.

It’s a software switch that changes modes and no matter what I choose as the default action, it always goes to charging mode

just updated to Rauma and USB modes work as expected on Xperia 10 Plus