Looking for a second hand X/XA2/Xperia10/10II

My friend (who lives curently near Koln in Germany) is looking for a replacement for her Xperia X, since its camera stopped saddly to work.
Is anyone here wishing to sell a second hand Xperia, if possible with Sailfish OS already flashed?
Any model.


You can get an Xperia10II as “B-Ware” at cyberport

Another path I do recommend is buying replacement parts and fixing the device - if you friend was still happy with the device itself you can get replacement parts at https://www.witrigs.com/replacement-parts-for-sony-xperia-x, in the past I replaced my usb port and fingerprint scanner like that and it was a fun and learning experience.

I can see there are some available at backmarket.de
I got mine on the French side, got it fast and in perfect condition.