Location of LTE/4G config files?

I’ve asked this as a kind of temporary conclusion in my previous thread here , but since I’ve no answer yet, I’ll try asking directly.
Where are the configuration files for the 4G/LTE networks? I need to tinker with the parameters in a way that the GUI doesn’t allow for, but I have been unable to locate them so far.


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Looks like it is here:

Edit: But as @peterleinchen points out the ofono is the place for “current settings”, which probably is more of what you are after.


You could have definitely continued in your first thread, no need for another one.

If you want to play with fire look in


and find your IMSI directory.

But I am sure tthere is nothing more to tweak…

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I’d like to remove all GSM services completely, is there a way? A Wlan PocketPC without phone and mobile functions aka baseband would feel much more safe for me.