Location doesn't seem to work at all [Xperia 10 II]

I tried all the options in the settings and when I open gpsinfo, it says that there are sattelites available but none are actually used, so I just stay here with no gps function in any maps app or uber/any similar app (with MicroG installed, I can see the map just fine but when I try to pin point my location it never gets it).

This is quite frustrating tbh, I heard that there are some problems with mozilla location services, so is there a way to replace it with something that works well?

Go to Settings > About Product > tab the version next to build 5 times

It will open the CSD tool. Go to the individual tests and run a gps one. If it finds/locks satellites your problem is not on the OS.

I did it, and it says that there are o in use and 20 in view (same as gpsinfo) and it locks on 5 of them from time to time, but for a short time and then it just stops and goes back to 0. And it takes a long time for it to find a fix again.

I see some text telling me to turn in AGPS for a faster fix, I googled it but I couldn’t find anything that would help.

There is a fix in the store for this. If you are from certain regions like the US, you have to install a plugin from Storeman as well

can you give me the name of the app?

I guess @svalmont is referring to MLS Manager by @BlacksheepGER. See https://openrepos.net/content/blacksheepdev/mls-manager

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Sadly the app didn’t do anything, I still don’t have the location working

If the CSD tool gives fail result, what does that mean? XA2 here which has a history of GPS issues.

well, the location works, but it takes some time before locking the satellites. A bit inconvenient, but it works fine in the end. I believe the offline eastern europe maps for MLS worked.