Just a GUESS: Official Pine64 with Sailfish OS 4 default coming in February?

Throwing guesses and other rumors among Sailors always was a fun part of Jolla’s community😉.

PinePhone drops their community editions (https://www.pine64.org/2021/02/02/the-end-of-community-editions/ ) and mention they will ‘’ keep on producing the PinePhone for a long time – we will just settle on a default OS from here on.’’ as well as ‘‘As for software – it won’t be long before an OS worthy of being your daily driver becomes ready’’

In the meantime Jolla is getting ready with big annoncement for Sailfish OS 4 :blush:.
And that includes 64bit architecture…

Would it surprise you that Jolla annonces big official collaboration with PinePhone in the Sailfish 4 annoncement in February?
Ready for party😎?

Again absolutely nothing in this guess is based on actual evidence😂


I highly doubt that this is official. I guess the work is mostly driven by @piggz. Maybe he can officially deny your guess.

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It would be a big surprise for me. The GUI of Sailfish was and still is a killer, but the closed parts of Silica makes it kind of uninteresting for some (many?) PinePhone enthusiasts. Phosh will make it and my guess will be with Mobian as the default OS.


I can officially say I know nothing about this! :smiley:


agreed, Mobian looks like a more possible candidate


I am willing to bet that the new device is not PinePhone, nor Astro Slide… A more likely candidate is Sony Xperia something something instead… Well, I hope it is a Sony device anyway!

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