[JP1] maintenance

So I know we said goodbye to the JP1 recently and I understand the decision but I was wondering if we can at least get SFOS4 or parts of it on the JP1 - primarily the move from GnuTLS to up-to-date OpenSSL, there is all kinds of stuff broken due to the ancient GnuTLS bindings on SFOS 3.4.

My JP1 may not be my daily driver anymore but I still would like to know that those who do still use it at least have a secure SSL implementation.

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Sailfish OS release was the last one for JP1. We have removed the product configurations of JP1 from our release making machinery. Hence there is unfortunately no Sailfish 4.0.1 release for Jolla Phone, not even “Jolla-internal”.


Would there be an option for the community to keep 3.4.x in a shape of being usable, such as updating certificates and ssh?
I think closing all security glitches would be too much.


It would be cool if we would at least get the possibility to update certain packages, like doing an OpenSSH update or so so the packages could be updated as RPMs. Then one could just do a meta-package that depends on all of the updated RPMs things get easily installed.