Jolla1 spare battery

hi there,

my j1 battery is starting to get quite low the last 2 weeks. I know somewhere on together there was a thread where working spare batteries were listed. But i cant seem to find it.

Anyone of you got a hint or knowledge which battery did work in J1?


You can look here:
and then:

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or here

but Jubatec should be the first choice. I have 2 and the quality is excellent.

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is this question the one you were looking for (using spare as search team gave me this (of more) search results…

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or this question;

I still use 2 x Jolla1, i have 6 batteries all in all. 3 original Jolla batteries, 1 x Polarcell, 1 x GTIron and 1 x Patona.

Alternatively, information wise; Batteries aimed at the HTC 310 mobile fit Jolla perfectly,

Example of Polarcell to fit Jolla1 on eBay;

ALL of the above will power your Jolla1, they may not report accurately in CSDTool, but I’ve been using ALL of the above for several years now.